Our Difference

Our Difference

interactive learning environment Little Bears Child Care Fort Collins

At Little Bear’s we understand that every family is unique. We do our best to accommodate each family’s needs, and continually promote building strong relationships with our children and their families. This core value is exemplified every day by our leadership, teachers and staff. We honor and celebrate our families through special events throughout the year, and since we are locally owned and operated, we have dynamic programs which can adjust to best meet the developmentally appropriate needs of the children currently enrolled in our creating learning environment.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Little Bear’s Child Care, Inc. is to provide a safe, nurturing, enjoyable, and interactive learning environment for children, ages six weeks to six years old. We also ensure each child, parent, guardian, and staff member are respected and valued.

At Little Bear’s, we believe that children learn best by doing. When you walk into our child care classrooms, you won’t see what is considered “traditional” learning activities. Rather, you’ll see children engaged in play, who are developing important skills. Skills that will guide them in any learning environment; exploration, experimentation, critical thinking, creative expression, spontaneous inquiry, innovation, collaboration, cooperation, and communication. Skills that stay with your children and help prepare them for success throughout their lives.

Our Core Values

Little Bear’s core values are the foundation on which our leadership, teachers, and staff build relationships.  Relationships with each other, our children, parents, guardians, and community.

  • Trustworthy: dependable, credible, and providing consistent quality child care.
  • Respectful: considerate, polite, and courteous of children, parents, guardians, other child care professionals, visitors, and each other.
  • Teamwork: contributing to an environment in which cooperation and collaboration with parents, guardians, other child care professionals, and each other results in a positive productive working relationship.
  • Professional: knowledgeable, skilled, and stays abreast of early childhood education competencies, training, and qualification standards. Furthermore, applies these professional traits in the care and instruction provided to each child and to other working relationships.
  • Dedicated: commitment to and enthusiastic about our important role in each child’s care and learning.
  • Integrity: demonstrates honesty and sincerity towards children, parents, guardians, other child care professionals, visitors, and each other.

Our Curriculum

We use the Colorado Early Learning and Development Guidelines to plan our curriculum and lesson plans each week. Just like elementary, middle school, high school students and beyond, preschool students have standards of learning. This framework was created after years of well documented research and studies on children from birth, all the way to age eight! The Early Childhood community reached a consensus of what young children should know and we can all align our efforts to help each child, no matter their culture, language and ability, to grow physically, emotionally and intellectually.

  • Enhance families and professionals’ knowledge of child development;
  • Help families and professionals working with children to plan and provide developmentally appropriate activities that stimulate learning;
  • Inform appropriate child support, instruction, assessment, and intervention; and
  • Weave together best practices that are embedded in existing programs and services (e.g. early care and education, home visitation, medical homes, early intervention) across the comprehensive early childhood service delivery system.

Did you know that parents and caregivers can use the guidelines too? Click on the photo above to visit the CELDG’s website to learn more and explore!