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Enrichment Programs

Enrichment Programs

Our enrichment programs build children’s confidence and introduces them to new experiences.

Amazing Athletes

Our partnerships with Amazing Athletes sets children on a path to an active life style by introducing kids to a variety of sports and physical activities. It incorporates key areas of motor development to make sure every child is comfortable moving in their own body.

Children’s Yoga

Children learn body awareness and deep breathing techniques, ultimately leading to less stress and more learning through out the day. Namaste!

Stretch & Grow

We have partnered with Stretch & Grow to teach children about healthy food choices and get their bodies moving! The children take home fun coloring sheets with information to send home with families twice a month.

“Camp Out” Days

We set up tents and camping gear for the children, tell “spooky” stories and make a special s’mores treat. This gives every child to get some experience on what its like to be out in the great outdoors and encourage the love of nature, and dramatic play.

Children’s Gardens

Both Centers have two gardens that we plant in the spring with the help of children and parent volunteers. The children help care for the plants by helping water and eventually harvesting. Our gardens are planted with all natural fertilizers and every item in the garden is edible, even the flowers, just in case! Children learn about sustainable living, healthy eating and science processes.

Splash Days

During the summer each classroom has a scheduled day for water days

On these days the children are free to become completely soaked in the water or mud with no worries because every child either has a wet suit or extra clothes. Water play options include sprinklers, water tables, buckets and cups, magnet water wall engineering and a large water mister for the young infants and toddlers. This type of play allow the children to explore all elements of nature with no restrictions, a sensory experience not easily replicated with other activities!